Gem-Grade Serpentine

Every known jade deposit is found within a serpentite intrusive.  True to this trend, our claims have yielded significant quantities of gem-grade serpentine in multiple varieties.  Unlike other serpentine finds, however, our serpentine contains large quantities of gold and nickel in the form of awaruite and electrum in addition to the usual chrome.  These variations give the polished stone a unique look and value.

Antigorite Serpentine

Williamsite serpentine is a variety of antigorite serpentine that is characterized by its translucence as well as the fact that it generally contains black crystals of chromite and magnetite.  Most of our serpentine is of a similar grade and appearance to Williamsite.  However, in addition to the chromite and magnetite inclusions normally found in Williamsite, the serpentine in our outcrops in the Devil's Mountain Fault Zone contains large quantities of other metals, including iron, nickel, colbalt, gold, silver, and platinum.  In many cases, these metals do not oxidize significantly within the stone, meaning that this serpentine contains large quantities of visible metal, giving the stone a unique, "flashy" look.  This material even has small, clear sections that look very similar to bowenite serpentine.

Bulk Sales
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