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WashingtonJade.com is owned and operated by Bull Trout Jade LLC for the benefit of the Washington jade community and culture.

Washington's Premier Nephrite Jades

Few know of the quality of the nephrite jades found in Washington. A handful of experienced and gifted collectors searching the rivers and streams find some of the world’s most beautiful and rarest varieties of nephrite jade; however, the treacherous mountains and heavy rainforests have conspired to keep the sources largely hidden. But gem grade nephrite jade is only found in special places. After several years we have learned a few of the secrets to finding these places.

Rarest of the Rare Jades

Washington is one of the very few locations in the world where botryoidal jade is found. We call them Dragon Bubbles. But the best stones often find their way out of the state and lose their identity in the inscrutable realm of the international jade collector. Other stones containing some of Washington’s best gem grade nephrite jade find a similar fate as expensive jewelry and carvings. But what has been found in our Rivers and streams only hints at what remains to be revealed.

Jade Builds Community

Stronger that steel, tools made of jade were durable and saved labor helping early human communities to grow. This helped the Maori in New Zealand; the Olmec, Maya and Aztec in Mesoamerica; and the emerging dynasties in China to transcend the Stone Age in many ways, with jade becoming a cultural and spiritual centerpiece. In Washington, artifacts show that jade was used in trade and was an important part of early tribal cultures. A cottage industry harvesting local jade has sporadically followed. Currently, there is a tremendous international revival in jade that is catalyzing an explosive grass roots jade culture in Washington.

Artisanal Harvest Policy

The beauty of our jades reflects the majesty and mystery of the mountains and forests in which it is found. To leave no impact, only very small amounts of the best gem grade material are harvested as the artisanal community’s needs are modest. This takes patience as each boulder must be evaluated for both its artistic potential and for its place in the environment using state of the art technology. Appropriate boulders are then carefully removed using experienced hands with a commitment to stewardship and with the intent to establish best practices for the harvest of jade.

Artisinal Reserves

Washington Jade maintains a carver’s reserve of gem grade material and a sculptors' reserve of stones up to 1000 lbs collected from these claims. Washington Jade has also identified several dozen stones from 1000 pounds to several tons, some of which will comprise an in situ sculptors’ reserve. Under this program, sculptors can select stones in the field for specific projects and Washington Jade will harvest the stones. Washington Jade currently offers consignment terms at favorable prices to local artisans on a case by case basis.

Bull Trout Jade LLC (d.b.a. Washington Jade)

Bull Trout Jade, which now goes by its registered trade name, Washington Jade, was founded and financed in February of 2012 by Rodney C. Cook, Ph.D., Paul Pigott and Bull Trout Capital LLC. The Company produces, markets, and sells nephrite jade and other gems from its wholly owned jade and gem claims and the claims of its strategic partners. Bull Trout Jade has used Dr. Cook’s proprietary exploration model and new technologies to locate, claim and harvest investment grade nephrite on federal land in the Devil’s Mountain Fault Zone. The Company is also pursuing several strategic alliances that include lease agreements with private landowners and agencies.

Rodney C Cook, Ph.D.  Member Manager.  Dr. Cook is a recognized serial entrepreneur. Currently Rod is also the member manager of Bull Trout Capital LLC and Vermillion Metals LLC. Dr. Cook currently consults on strategic matters for a few select clients and serves as Chief Scientist for Commerce Signals. Prior to Bull Trout he was the author of the FishWrapper, a private investment newsletter, and the Obscene Prophets website. Before Bull Trout he founded Sightward and authored patents (now owned by InfoUSA) to forecast human behavior using the internet; co-founded Ark Interface (purchased by Packard Bell and now owned by xSides) to develop and patent innovative computer user interfaces; founded Optimas (purchased by FLIR and now owned by Media Cybernetics) for medical and scientific image processing systems; and founded BioSonics’ Imaging division and developed their Optical Pattern Recognition System. Dr. Cook has extensive environmental consulting experience and began this career as Chief Biometrician for the International Pacific Salmon Commission applying his doctoral dissertation in applied pattern recognition from the University of Washington College of Ocean and Fisheries Science.

Nathaniel Cook.  President.  Nathaniel comes to Washington Jade fresh out of the University of Washington Honors Program. He was a Mary Gates Endowed Scholar as well as a DeEtte McAuslan Stuart Scholar and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in physiology and a minor in mathematics. An Edmonds local, he also graduated valedictorian of Edmonds-Woodway High School in 2008. As acting President of Washington Jade, Nathaniel is intimately involved with all day-to-day operations of the company, including field operation of geophysical instruments, in-field interpretation of geophysical data to form 3-dimensional mental models of exploration areas, mapping and description of exploration targets and future claims, inventory management, marketing, and sales. In addition, as jade mining and processing is a very hands-on endeavor, Nathaniel has begun his own carving work. Having discovered a particular affinity for this aspect of the business, he devotes as much time as possible to demonstrating the carving potential of Bull Trout's precious and semi-precious stones.

Informal Advisory Board. Bull Trout Jade is grateful for the advice and assistance of recognized experts in key areas, and for the opportunity to develop professional relationships as the company grows.  Ed Molsee’s extensive prospecting experience and historical perspective is deeply appreciated.  Dean Briske, the owner operator of Princess Jade, has provided exploration guidance as we dissect our increasingly large boulders, and develop field methods for handling them.  With decades of land use background, Steve Brinn of the Raptor Group has a valuable perspective on our “local first” and “green mining” agendas.

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