"Snow Bot"

a Viewing Stone in Blue Dream Jade®

Material: Blue Dream Jade®
Approximate Stone Weight: 208 lbs.
Price: $20,799.99 (USD) (+$600 S&H)

A massive polished specimen of vulcanized botryoidal Blue Dream Jade® from the Cascade Mountains of Western Washington. This piece will be set into a wooden daiza custom made by Jerry Braswell. The perfect display piece for an office or foyer, though it will require a very sturdy surface upon which to sit. More pictures available upon request.


Shipping costs for this piece will vary; the amount listed is a high estimate for shipping to the West Coast of the continental U.S. If you are interested in this piece, please contact us at sales@washingtonjade.com so that we can get a freight shipping quote and relay the appropriate price. You may also arrange shipping or pickup yourself, in which case we will remove the shipping cost.