Ed's Bot #1

a Viewing Stone in Washington Jade-Diopside

Material: Nephrite-Diopside Mix as Identified by Various Test Sources & Paduk African Rosewood
Approximate Stone Weight: 2lbs. 11oz.
Approximate Stone Dimensions: 8in. x 4in. x 3.25in.
Price: $3,199.99 (USD)

The Molsees are a multi-generational Washington mining family who have been hunting down jade deposits since at least the early 1970s. Thanks to this history, Ed Molsee has a large collection of "old stock" material collected prior to the implementation of the current legal regime which prevents the commercial collection and sale of jade from state lands. This "old stock" contains many unique specimens from both state and federal land, the likes of which may never be available again.


This piece is beautiful example of a botryoidal jade-diopside specimen on a serpentinite-amphibolite slickenside "plate" that has been sandblasted to remove the obscuring matrix material. The individual bubbles are white-green, while the material between is a dark olive green, as is the underlying "plate." This piece has been set into a red Paduk African Rosewood daiza custom-made by Jerry Braswell.