November 2015

Emerald Eyes Nephrite - The Latest World-Class Nephrite Discovery

The last couple of months here at Bull Trout Jade, we've been spending time focusing in on some of our larger nephrite deposits.  In so doing, we discovered a beautiful, pure translucent green jade that we have termed Emerald Eyes Jade™ both for the way it naturally forms up in multiple "eyes" of varying size and for the fact that some of the material has chatoyant, or "cat's eye," sections.  This material is now available at  Check out our new information sheet on this material here.

As we are beginning to accumulate more material and moving toward a wholesale-focused business model, our Carvers' Reserve page will increasingly be reserved for one-of-a-kind materials and specimens while more consistent lines of material will be sold more exclusively through our approved dealers.  As we work toward this change in focus and as an exclusive offer for our newsletter subscribers, we'll be offering all of our current Emerald Eyes Jade™ Carvers' Reserve stock for 60% off the listed price.  Just go to our Carvers' Reserve page, make note of the item number of your favorite piece, then send us an email at with the subject line "Emerald Eyes 60% Off," telling us which piece you'd like.  First come first serve, available while supplies last.


Green Sugar Christmas Clearance Deal!

Marquise Green Sugar Nephrite Earrings

As an exclusive deal to our newsletter subscribers, we're selling out some of our green sugar nephrite earrings for $19.99 per pair.  Plus, buy a pair of these lovely earrings, and we'll include a pair of our blue chatoyant jade earrings free!  Great as a Christmas gift for friends or loved ones, or simply as a treat for yourself.  These earrings are available in three stone shapes: marquise (shown above), teardrop, and oval.  Head to the archived version of our old website, make note of the item number of your favorite piece, then send us an email at with "Green Sugar Earring Deal" in the subject line and let us know the item number of the green sugar earring pair you'd like to reserve as well as the shape of blue chatoyant jade earrings you'd like as your free gift.  First come first serve, available while supplies last.

Blue Dream Jade® is Hot!

Blue Dream Jade® Cushion Cabochon

Blue Dream Jade® is gaining international notoriety! Rapaport Magazine recently published an article featuring their five top jewelry designers' prefered colored gemstones, which includes segments on emeralds, sapphires, and, of course, our very own Blue Dream Jade®.  In the words of Noreen Paris of Victoria Louise Design:

"I am very interested in Blue Dream Jade. It’s a tough material that’s mined in large blocks, so it makes it exciting to work with. You can cut it into very unique, large shapes and sizes. It’s unlimited in what it can be shaped into. It is relatively new to the market and mined in Washington State. The color is like a starry night, a midnight blue that is sensual and absolutely beautiful. So instead of using black that is very common in the marketplace, we now have this beautiful midnight blue to introduce to our clients."

The full article can be found here.

Blue Dream Jade® Trademark

As you may have noticed, we recently switched from using the "™" symbol in association with our Blue Dream Jade to using the "®" symbol.  This reflects Blue Dream Jade's new status, as of October 6, 2015, as a Registered Trademark of Bull Trout Jade LLC with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  As a side note, the Trademark Examining Attorney included her own opinion of our material as a truly blue jade, saying, "it is clear that the goods are indeed blue in color, and from this material as well as from applicant’s specimen and identification, that the goods include jade and goods made from jade."  Further information and documentation on the trademark can be found on the USPTO website using U.S. Serial Number: 86534725.