Fully guaranteed

Unlike many jades harvested and sold out of Washington state which are misrepresented in their provenance or are just plain soft aluvial material, we guarantee our jades to be of the highest quality and all harvested from Bull Trout Jade's hardrock claims in the western Cascades. In addition, all of our materials are tested using Raman Spectroscopy to verify that they are in fact what we claim them to be. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our sales from the date of receipt; just send back the unaltered material and we'll refund the original purchase price, no questions asked.

Raman Spectroscopy by Lanny Ream

Cat's Eye Jade - March 4, 2017 (Download)

Blue Dream Jade® - October 3, 2014 (Download)

Blue Dream Jade® - February 3, 2015(Download)